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Grilling: Negimaki

I've already outed my shameful seafood aversion. Yes, I am "that guy" who relies on teriyaki and tempura at standard Japanese restaurants. I switch it up sometimes though, getting negimakiscallions wrapped with thinly sliced flank steak in a teriyaki sauce—thinking of it as "meat sushi" so I fit in better with all my raw seafood eating comrades.

Making negimaki at home, I quickly learned that my skills with working with smaller meat beef rolls were severely lacking. But whatever was lost in presentation, was more than made up for in flavor, as I felt these little rolls trumped what I'm used to at my local Japanese joint.

Why? Blanching the scallions creates less chew and makes them work better with the steak. Second was a marinade that infused the beef with teriyaki flavor, which was later reduced to a sauce and drizzled on top. Third was the grill, whose high heat formed an excellent sear on the tiny rolls. This delicious combo just further solidified my seafood aversion—who needs fish when "meat sushi" is so good?

Adapted from Gourmet.

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