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Dinner Tonight: Fried Eggs with Mustard-Creamed Spinach and Breadcrumbs

[Photo: Blake Royer]

The general opinion is that Breakfast for Dinner (affectionately shortened to B4D) is for those nights when you don't feel all that ambitious in the kitchen. Unlike a roast chicken or risotto or even a simple pasta, eggs or pancakes have a reputation as no-effort comfort foods, something you turn out quickly and eat in your pajamas. Even if it's because you've put on your pajamas at 6pm.

Despite all that, breakfast food—no matter what time of day—doesn't have to be boring if you're willing to experiment, without sacrificing that essential "comfort food" feeling. That's the idea with this recipe from Bon Appetit, which takes spinach and wilts it down with cream, mustard, and thyme. It becomes the base for a simple fried egg, but the final flourish—homemade bread crumbs baked with mustard and mustard seeds—is what really makes it special.

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