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Dinner Tonight: Chicken Korma

I'm not sure what started me on a chicken korma hunt, but once I set my mind on recreating the Indian classic, I spent nearly three days trying to track down the right version. There are hundreds of recipes out there but few look the same.

I stuck to the concept that it must have yogurt and there had to be nuts to thicken the sauce. I eventually came across this recipe from Madhur Jaffrey's memoir, Climbing the Mango Trees. I knew I had to make it immediately.

Why? It was relatively stripped down (I could make it in one hour) but still complex enough to feature whole spices. Sure it features more than 15 ingredients, but many are spices, and all are essential. The cooking method is slightly tedious, and mine didn't come out as picture-perfect as I had hoped, but there is no denying the flavor. It's a mild curry but still redolent with spices, rounded on the tongue, and completely satisfying. Though there's enough sauce to coat each piece of chicken, it was so good I'll probably make extra next time.

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