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All-From-Scratch 7-Layer Dip

This dip, adapted from NYC chef Joaquin Baca's recipe in New York magazine, is undeniably delicious. But, boy, is it labor-intensive. After having made it straight through over the course of a Saturday afternoon (as part of a husband-wife 7-Layer Dip Duel*), I would advise you to prepare it in stages a few days ahead of time.

Here's my hypothetical timeline, assuming you're making it for a game day party on Sunday.

Friday: Make the salsa and the refried beans; refrigerate.

Saturday: Cook the ground beef and the rice; refrigerate.

Sunday: Shred the cheese, if using block cheddar. Make the guacamole. Layer dip, and set out.

* Want to see the recipe my wife prepared? Here: Classic From-a-Can 7-Layer-Dip »

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