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Dinner Tonight: Rice with Chorizo, Shrimp, and Green Olives

Ever been on a kitchen losing streak? You know, a nice three or four meal run where everything you touch fails in some stupendous and inedible way?

After I had my own run this week, I decided to scale back my ambitions and make something simple. That's how I ended up with this recipe from Food & Wine. To be sure, this will never be your favorite dish, but it's comforting, easy, and hits the spot on a cold winter night.

It's no great secret that shrimp and chorizo love each other, so I knew that both of those elements would work. But I was most excited about the green olives, hoping they would add a briny bite to each fork-ful. They certainly did, but I wish there were more of them.

Unfortunately, when you start picking this meal apart, you kind of wish that everything was a little more intense. I'm sure with more fiddling, this could go from a good meal to a great one. But when you are on a losing streak, it's nice to have a meal that you know can't fail no matter how hard you try. Plus, a nice squeeze of lemon and loads of hot sauce help the situation tremendously.

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