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Dinner Tonight: Manhattan Clam Chowder

Though it's not nearly as famous, there is a non-New-England kind of clam chowder out there. Instead of the heavy cream or milk, this one is laced with tomatoes and a healthy abundance of other vegetables.

It makes for a lighter chowder, but still a comforting one, especially during frightful weather. This Manhattan clam chowder recipe from Martha Stewart hits all the right notes. There is the porky base, the chunky vegetables, and of course the all-important clams.

That said, I did make a few changes to the original. Instead of steaming my own clams, I went for frozen diced clams and clam broth. Obviously, if you really want to go all out, you could shell out (ha) the cash for two dozen clams and steam them all. It's totally doable and not terribly hard, just time-consuming. It would make this more of a weekend meal, instead of an under-an-hour quick fix. It's your call. Luckily, both options are delicious.

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