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Dinner Tonight: Egg Drop Soup

I'm not sure if I know what egg drop soup should taste like. All I know is how it used to taste when I visited bad Chinese buffets in the Midwest.

The soup was thick with an overly viscous texture, obviously due to a heavy helping of cornstarch. But I still can picture the egg shards suspended in the broth, and how the liquid would sit high on my spoon. It's one of those foods I have incredibly fond memories of, and yet haven't had in nearly ten years. So, how should egg drop soup taste to someone who regularly makes trips down to Chinatown?

This recipe from Simply Recipes is far more refined than the gloppy renditions I'm used to, plus it's really simple. Some mushrooms and ginger help flavor the stock, while just a little bit of cornstarch is added to give the soup just enough body. It's all very subtle and content, which might not sound like the highest praise. It isn't as thrilling as other soups I've made recently and it doesn't quite remind me of the egg drop soup of my youth.

It's such a strange place to be. Does anyone have a recipe they are still particularly thrilled with?

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