Dinner Tonight: Jacques Pepin's Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

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[Photograph: Blake Royer]

I always forget about pork tenderloin. Do you? It's such an easy protein, so nicely shaped and ready to be seared, sliced, or roasted to whatever whims you might have for dinner. It's lean and healthy, too. Sure, it's not as sexy as a bone-in pork chop or a braised shoulder—nor as flavorful as either of those cuts—but with a little attention the tenderloin can end up as an elegant dinner.

Nothing Jacques Pepin does is ever really inelegant, but after catching this recipe on an episode of Fast Food My Way, I jotted down the ingredients and set off to make it that night. The stuffing of winter greens is ideal this time of year, while the cherry tomatoes are a burst of summer as January drags on. Stuffing a tenderloin sounds more difficult than it actually is; butterflying it is the hardest part. I pulled it off in 10 minutes or so, and still had dinner under the table in an hour. If you need help, watch this video where Pepin's reassuring French accent will guide you. A quick pan sauce with the drippings in the roasting pan was the final flourish to bring it all together.