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Sunday Brunch: Tea Cured Gravlax

[Photograph: Sydney Oland]

Gravlax is a traditional Swedish salmon preparation, where salmon is cured in salt, sugar and dill for up to a week. This recipe combines jasmine and green tea instead of the more traditional dill, making for a slightly smoky flavor. It takes a traditional Swedish appetizer and turns it into a simple brunch. During the holiday entertaining season this salmon preparation often makes dual appearances at both cocktail parties and brunches at my house.

During the curing process the salt/sugar mixture will become very wet while it pulls the water out of the salmon. If you decide to cure for the longer end of the spectrum, replace the sugar/salt mixture if it becomes totally saturated (like turning into a clear liquid, for example). Just make sure to use two parts sugar to one part salt when replacing the curing mixture, and try to keep as much of the tea on the salmon as possible. Some people advise freezing it for at least a week to destroy any potentially harmful parasites, but personally I've never bothered.

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