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Spicy Ginger Hot Toddy

When it gets cold out and my nose gets sniffly, I happily turn to the curing power of a hot toddy. My standby recipe is from a friend for hot buttered rum that combines lemon juice, maple sugar, rum, boiling water and is dotted with a pat of butter.

But I wanted to add a spicy element to the mix. Inspired by a post by this post on The Kitchn, I made a ginger tea and doctored it up with rum. What's good about using a ginger tea as a base for the hot toddy is that you can make it as mild or spicy as you desire.

If you want just a slight ginger flavor, only boil the mixture for 5 to 10 minutes. But for me, who is addicted to that tiny ginger burn at the back of the throat that a large hit of ginger can provide, I boil the ginger tea for up to 20 minutes. Add in rum or bourbon, and you have a wintry holiday treat to warm you up or clear the congestion of a cold.

About the author: Andrea Lynn is a freelance writer/ recipe developer who writes for Chile Pepper magazine. Her favorite chile is a tie between the mild yet flavorful poblano and the mighty, reliable fire of the serrano. Follow her on Twitter at Alynn27 or get more info at

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