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Dinner Tonight: Sabich (Eggplant Sandwich with Hard Boiled Eggs)

I can't believe I've never heard of this sandwich before. The Israeli specialty pairs fried eggplant with hard boiled eggs, hummus, a fresh salad, and some kind of spicy component. I first stumbled across this recipe on the vegetarian blog Herbivoracious by Michael Natkin and knew immediately I had to have it. [Ed. note: Nick, next time you're in NYC we'll have to take you to Taim! Their sabich is killer.]

Mostly, this was as simple as chopping some things up and placing them on a pita. But I worried about eggplant, as the recipe advocates a method I swore I'd never use.

Now, I love eggplant, but if there is one rule I've always followed when cooking them, it's that they suck up oil like a sponge. It's almost always preferable to roast them—almost because I've found the exception. To be sure, the eggplant still sucks up the oil, but after two minutes or so, they start to purge some of the oil back out. It's kind of remarkable. Plus, the eggplant comes out tender and really juicy.

The recipe also recommends adding mango pickles for spice. It sounded crazy, but I luckily had a jar in my fridge and gave it shot. It's great. A smear of harissa also works really well.

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