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Dinner Tonight: Roasted Garlic Soup with Chorizo with a Poached Egg

I was not looking for a new garlic soup recipe, as I have a couple that I already quite like. But this one from the magnificent Moro The Cookbook differs so wildly from the other versions that it's basically a completely different soup. But man, is it delicious.

Instead of simply sautéing sliced garlic, the cloves are left to slowly roast with their skins on in a pan until they turn soft and golden brown. The result is a garlic soup that's slightly sweet, slightly smoky, and totally addicting. The wonderful red hue is thanks to some finely diced chorizo and a pinch of smoked sweet paprika, and some body is guaranteed with the toasted bread.

The only issue I had with the soup was how to poach the eggs. Of course, we already have a great recipe for poaching eggs, but this recipe advises simply dropping the eggs into the soup with two minutes left to cook. It does sort of work, and it allows one to only use one saucepan. But the eggs are hard to scoop out, and half of mine fell apart. Of course, even if you do get a perfectly poached egg in the soup you're eventually going to break it up with a spoon. So take the easy route if you'd like, or just try to live dangerously and poach the eggs as written below.

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