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Dinner Tonight: Enchiladas Suizas

I am astonished I haven't written about this recipe before. It's probably my favorite enchilada variation—it's comforting, soothing, and wildly addictive. For help I turned to Rick Bayless's Fiesta at Rick's (one of our favorite cookbooks of 2010) and I'm really glad I did. He replaces the normal shredded chicken with roasted vegetables. The veggie assortment turns sweet and caramelized in the oven, acting as the perfect balance to the spicy, acidic, and creamy sauce.

Usually the tortillas in enchiladas are fried quickly, both to soften them and to give them some structural integrity. Nothing is worse than enchiladas that just turn into mush in the oven. Bayless comes up with a pretty ingenious method here. Instead of frying them, you brush both sides of each corn tortilla with oil, stack them up, and place in a plastic bag. They go into microwave for a minute, and come out ready to go. It's a nice trick.

One thing about serving. He recommends serving these in six small iron skillets. I baked some in my large iron skillet and some in a baking dish, but I'd just recommended going for the latter, as I imagine most of us don't have a half dozen tiny skillets sitting around. Don't worry, while they don't look quite as dramatic, the actual enchiladas still taste utterly delicious.

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