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Dinner Tonight: Chickpea Flour Soup from Provence

[Photo: Blake Royer]

How does this sound: a soup that takes five minutes to cook but tastes like the effort of several hours? That's the gist of this recipe from Rozanne Gold's latest book, Radically Simple. The flavor of this soup is simply remarkable, considering the short list of ingredients. The secret ingredient is chickpea flour, which you can find in any Middle Eastern market or in some health food stores. The chickpea flour provides body, creaminess, and wonderful flavor, transforming a simple broth into something wonderful.

If you like hummus, you're sure to like this soup (but trust me, it's a lot silkier and luxurious than pureed chickpeas). The process is simple: a broth of water, olive oil, cumin, and garlic is boiled for a moment, then the flour is whisked in. In moments, it thickens into a soup, rich and warming, fragrant from the garlic and cumin. To make it even richer, you could substitute chicken stock for the water, but don't forget the add the squeeze of lemon at the end for a touch of acidity. Next to a simple green salad, this is a great quick dinner.

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