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Dinner Tonight: Herb-Roasted Chicken with Garlic Powder

At first look, this recipe seems pretty standard—roast chicken with salt, pepper, and herbs. It's a classic recipe except for one difference, which some might call a bit controversial: the garlic powder. Fresh garlic wouldn't merit a second glance, but this recipe puts to test one of the assertions that author Linda Carucci makes in her fantastic cookbook Cooking School Secrets For Real World Cooks: that the disdain most chefs have for granulated, spice-cabinet garlic powder is unmerited. In fact, Carucci claims, it's better suited than fresh garlic for seasoning food that's going to be roasted or seared, since it won't burn.

I set aside my doubts and followed her instructions, and I must say, this was some darn good chicken. I actually had to head to the store to buy granulated garlic (note: we're using granulated garlic here, NOT garlic salt), but now I know I'll be using it again. Once the chicken came out of the oven, the powdered garlic added a muted sweet flavor. Call me a convert.

Though this recipe is for a whole chicken, it works well for cut-up pieces, too.

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