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Cinnamon Raisin Rugelach

Baked at the 2010 Serious Eats Cookie Swap.

"Back in 1996 I went to a rugelach making class at the Eldridge Street Synagogue led by Herb Schon, proprietor of Grandma's Recipe Rugelach. He told the story of how he started his business: when he was recuperating from a broken limb, some friends brought him some rugelach. He thought "my grandma used to make this - I wonder if I can find the recipe." He tracked down the recipe and made a batch, which he consumed in one sitting. He made another batch for his friends, who told him he should go into business baking rugelach, which is exactly what he did. The recipe reflects that his grandmother, who did all the family cooking, was relegated by her American-born daughters at Thanksgiving to making just a little something sweet. In addition to the traditional cinnamon, raisins and nuts, there is also whole-berry cranberry sauce, which was around at Thanksgiving and which cuts some of the sweetness. I use pecans rather than the traditional walnuts because my family in Texas used to grow pecans, and I think they make pretty much anything better." Christopher Stephens, Slice intern

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