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Butterscotch Pistachio 'Cookies'

Baked for the 2010 Serious Eats Cookie Swap by Wayne Surber and Tracie Lee.

Adapted from The Joy of Cooking's 'Butterscotch Brownies' recipe.

"I basically used Irma, The joy of Cooking (1970s edition). I loosely used her butterscotch brownie recipe. My grandma on my dad's side, Grandma Surber, as we called her because my mom's was Grammy. My Grandma Surber raised eight children, so whipping up anything usually took her all of like five minutes. And the nice thing about Butterscotch Brownies or 'Blondies' is that she always had those ingredients in house, so no trip to the store was required. Whenever we were good, she'd pull them out of thin air. A nice glass of truck delivered milk and Grandma's Butterscotch Brownies. So, when I was thinking of cookies I thought I should do a tribute to her. Because I miss her. Especially around the holidays. I think that'll always be the case. She was my inspiration for heading into the kitchen and I'm always trying to fill her boots. I added some raw pistachios because I wanted to add another layer of caramel goodness and a bit of texture. I had them lying around, so in they went." —Wayne Surber (and Tracie Lee), FoSE

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