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Dinner Tonight: Tortellini with Yogurt, Mint, and Smoked Paprika Oil

I'm in love with Rozanne Gold's new book Radically Simple: Brilliant Flavors with Breathtaking Ease for, well, exactly the reasons in that title. Sometimes you flip through cookbooks and pick out, say, five or six recipes that you just have to cook. With Gold's book, I'm stopping every single page. A gusty roast chicken recipe with no salt, Spaghetti with Gouda and Frozen Olive Oil (to make it more like butter's ability to help a sauce emulsify), a simple soup thickened with chickpea flour—her recipes are smart and original and all the more amazing because of their simplicity.

This one is a perfect example, a stunning way to dress up tortellini (a pantry item I'm never caught without). A quick whisk of olive oil with a smashed garlic clove and smoked paprika is the deeply flavored foil to thick Greek yogurt whisked with more olive oil; torn mint leaves add an herby bite. Though light and simple, it's unlike anything I could think of myself. It reminded me why I read cookbooks: to be inspired.

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