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Sunday Brunch: Eggs in a Basket

[Photograph: Sydney Oland]

There are those occasional Sunday mornings when the idea of anything more complex than a frying pan and spatula sends your head into a spin, and a simple egg on toast is almost exactly what you want. Eggs in a basket takes the weekday staple and pretties it up just enough to retain its comforting simplicity—with just a little something extra. Personally, I like the plainest version, a nice piece of day old bread, a good amount of butter and an egg. But if you can muster even the smallest bit of ambition, there are versions that use a sliced bagel, a grilled cheese sandwich, or even a waffle.

The trick here is getting the toast crisp while getting the white to just set, and the yolk to stay perfectly runny. Cooking your toast in butter before you drop in the egg ensures the proper crispness in the toast, and the ideal runniness in the yolk. A nice egg in a basket, beside a crisp green salad with a grainy mustard vinaigrette, and you've got a straightforward egg and toast that's elevated just enough to be a perfect Sunday brunch.

Note: Although I used a non-stick pan, you could use a regular skillet, taking a little more care, and possibly more butter, to ensure that nothing sticks.

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