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Pumpkin Potato Latkes

What's a Hannukah dinner without latkes? Exactly! While it's a little bit tricky to serve them all at once, and chances are you'll be cooking them as people are eating them (nothing like a fresh, hot, lacy-crisp latke in your hand!), you'll get rave reviews and demands for seconds, and maybe thirds. You might as well just double the recipe!

These latkes are impossibly crispy, thanks to the genius tip from Martha Stewart: you soak the potatoes in ice water (to prevent discoloration and to get the starch to solidify on the bottom of the bowl) and then squeeze and drain the grated potato. You keep the water in which potatoes were soaking and allow it to rest of 10 minutes, letting the starch settle at the bottom. Then, after carefully pouring out the water, you're left with starch, which you then add to the potatoes. So, potatoes, minus liquid, plus starch (decreasing the amount of water, while upping the starch content) equals a crispy, crispy latke!

I decided to add a bit of pumpkin to this version and am glad I did. The latke gives up none of the crispiness, but gains a creamier, more delicate texture on the inside, not to mention, a fall-like taste. It's goes perfectly with the maple vanilla apple sauce featured here as well.

About the author: Olga Massov writes a popular blog Sassy Radish where she shares food stories and spruced-up comfort foods. Her Russian heritage makes sure she always has room for herring.

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