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Dinner Tonight: Grilled Cheddar and Fennel Sandwiches with Curry Mayo

There are "grilled cheese people" and then there are people who could honestly take it or leave it. It's not that I don't have some serious nostalgia tied to the sandwich. Shoot, I might even crave it when I'm sick. But I usually find them boring, heavy, and one-dimensional.

I'd probably have one every decade if my wife wasn't in the pro-melted cheese camp. As a dutiful and honorable husband, I have to give in occasionally.

So I was immediately attracted to this Gourmet recipe that spruced everything up with curry mayonnaise and thinly sliced fennel. It's still indulgent, but the curry powder helps enliven each bite, and the fennel adds some crunch.

As befits a timid grilled cheese eater, I thought there was simply too much cheddar—I'd cut the amount in half next time. But my wife loved it, and she's probably a better gauge of these things than me.

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