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Gluten-Free Tuesday: Chocolate Dipped Nutter Butters

As much as I love the from-scratch cookies that come pouring out of kitchens this time of the year, I have a soft spot for the "almost homemade" cookies my aunt Rita makes. For years, she's taken store-bought cookies and dipped them in chocolate—dressing them up the way the right scarf makes a casual outfit seem a little more stylish. With the help of the premade peanut butter sandwich cookies, she churns out chocolate-peanut butter gems without turning on her oven.

Over Thanksgiving I spied several packages of Nutter Butters in Rita's pantry. She's ready to make cookies! Suddenly I wanted one. Wanting more food on Thanksgiving sounds silly, but once I thought about those cookies I couldn't let them go. And since I eat gluten-free now, I have to bake my own instead of waiting for Rita's tin of cookies to show up.

Thankfully, several years ago I created a gluten-free version of Nutter Butters for the "Tastes Like" chapter of my cookbook. I pulled out the recipe and got to work. The sandwich cookies came together in about two hours. Since the reward for my work was chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies, the time spent baking was well worth it. Trust me.

After baking, I dipped the cookies in melted milk chocolate. They'd also be fantastic dipped in dark or white chocolate—use whatever chocolate you love. And if all this talk of Nutter Butters has left you with a hankering for plain, undipped Nutter Butters, simply skip the chocolate dipping step.

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