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Gluten Free Tuesday: Brown Butter Cornbread

I recently realized that my favorite cornbread recipe had lost something. The zing had disappeared from our relationship. While I still liked the bones of the recipe—the texture, especially, remained fantastic—the flavor needed a little makeover.

My original recipe made a classic skillet cornbread, gluten-free, of course. After taking a look at it, I decided to swap out a couple of ingredients: brown butter replaced flavorless vegetable oil, and brown rice flour replaced white rice flour. I thought the brown butter's nutty-caramel flavor called for just a touch of sweetness, so I added a little maple syrup. I know, I know, a cornbread recipe including sweetener sounds heretical to some. The maple syrup adds a slight whisper of sweetness, not the kind of overt sweetness you find in a corn muffin, I promise..

These small ingredient changes did just what I hoped they would. The cornbread still tastes like cornbread, with some pleasant nutty undertones. I plan to serve it on Thanksgiving. I think it will be perfect with all the different flavors that find their way onto the Thanksgiving table.

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