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Dinner Tonight: Curly Kale and Potato Soup with Sausage

It seems like every third person has a cold right now (though I've so far made it through unscathed), which, besides being a highly profitable time for tissue companies, means it's chicken soup season. Last weekend my wife was in the throes of a particularly nasty head cold, and she requested a hot bowl of chicken elixir "as thoon as bossible." I always try to make homemade stock when soup is meant as medicine (which is actually pretty quick and painless if you use a pressure-cooker), and that becomes a nice traditional soup with root vegetables and egg noodles. After that, though, I set out to find a twist on chicken soup to use up the leftover stock.

I found this recipe in Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food. Waters layers big flavors like caramelized onion, browned crumbled sausage, and kale on top of the homemade chicken broth. It's deeply satisfying. The sausage gives it a richer, meatier taste and the kale is earthy and sweet. Covered with a cloud of Parmesan and a hit of black pepper, it's just sharp enough to wake up the palate of even the most clogged-up diners.

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