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I've thought about making a stuffing-flavored bread for years, but it wasn't until recently that I actually got around to doing it. My goal for this bread was for it to have three different uses. First, it could be the base for a stuffing. Second, because it tastes like Thanksgiving, it would make a great sandwich bread for the day-after turkey sandwiches. And last, the bread would make great croutons for salads.

Of course, if you like to make your stuffing from croutons (I usually start with bread that's a day or two old), you can make this bread well in advance and make croutons right away. If they're completely dry, they'll last for a long time.

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When I make stuffing, I tend to go a little overboard with sage, but I took a lighter hand with this bread, and used poultry seasoning, which added flavor without being overwhelming. If you like a more herby stuffing than this bread provides, you can add additional seasonings to taste when you're making the stuffing.

I also used a chive-infused olive oil which added a little boost of flavor. Plain olive oil would be fine.

Although I just said I like my stuffing with tons of herbs, I made a test batch of very basic stuffing using this bread and it came out quite flavorful. Taste it and see what you think. When I use this for Thanksgiving, I'll have celery and maybe some giblets, and I'll be moistening it with flavorful stock, so it probably won't require any additional herbs.

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