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Barbara Lynch's Tagliatelle Bolognese

Yesterday, Boston correspondent Liz Bomze wrote about chef Barbara Lynch's sauce Bolognese, which she serves at No. 9 Park and her other Boston restaurants. I stupidly wrote in the comments that you could email me and I'd send you the recipe when I should've just outright shared the recipe with all of you right here in the first place.

It's a truly awesome dish. I make huge batches of this stuff, jar it, and give it out as gifts. It's the standard Christmas present for my mom, and she's never not liked it (and my mom's a tough sell).

The recipe may seem a little fussy with a couple different pots and pans that all end up getting dumped into one bigger one, but for what you get out of it, it's worth the small effort.

Note: If you don't have veal stock, you can replace it with more chicken stock.

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