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Dinner Tonight: Sweet Potato and Gruyère Turnovers

I am not a baker. I almost always screw something up, leaving my kitchen disheveled and covered in a sticky coating of flour. But while these may not be the prettiest turnovers to ever emerge from an oven, even I have to admit that they were remarkably easy to construct. What else should expect from Real Simple magazine? Just purchase some premade frozen pie crusts, top with a filling, fold them over, and then pop these in the oven and in 25 minutes or so. That's dinner.

It's so fascinating how it all comes together here. The onion and swiss chard are quickly cooked, before being mixed in a large bowl with the cheese, seasonings, and raw grated sweet potatoes. I was completely in doubt that the sweet potatoes would finish cooking before the turnover was done, but they come out perfectly tender and nicely sweet.

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