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Seriously Scandinavian: Swedish Meatballs

Please welcome our new Nordic correspondent Kalle of Honest Food. He'll be guiding us through the wonders of traditional Scandinavian cooking in his new column called, what else, Seriously Scandinavian. We'll meet Nordic chefs and food personalities, try Nordic treats (beyond just gravlax) and learn about some of their curious eating traditions. Crayfish parties, what? But without further ado, let's talk about Swedish meatballs. —The Mgmt.

Where do you start a journey through the Scandinavian kitchen? Well, perhaps with the most iconic Scandinavian dish of them all. Swedish meatballs.

Now, first of all, we need to settle something: Mom's meatballs are always the best in the world. Regardless of the Mom. And perhaps even regardless of the meatballs. Just like Italian sons and daughters have their mother's cooking as a frame of reference for good food, Mom's Meatballs have the same function in Sweden.

These ones, I can vouch for. They're both mother-approved and tested by unbiased audiences at several Sunday dinners at the Bergman house.

SMAKLIG MÅLTID! (Bon Appétit in Swedish)

Note: Lingonberry jam can be replaced by store-bought lingonberry jam or red currant jelly.

About the author: Kalle Bergman has a lifelong obsession with simple and honest food. He is a blogger at and as a Swede residing in Denmark he is placed right in the middle of the vibrant Nordic food scene. Under the Seriously Scandinavian banner, he is digging into everything from traditional Scandinavian fare to contemporary food trends from the cold North.

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