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Seriously Scandinavian: Smoked Salmon With Sunchoke Paté

[Photograph: Mads Damgaard]

I think sunchokes have an almost bewildering character. The look is unassuming, but at the same time just strange enough to be interesting—some bulgy, some round, and others with no particular shape at all. The preparation's often frustrating, especially If you get them small and want to peel them before cooking them. And then there's the flavor: an earthy, nutty flavor that bears resemblance with so many things, but is similar to nothing else.

Turning sunchokes into a creamy soup is perhaps the most classic way of utilizing this lovely vegetable, but there are many other good options. In this recipe they're transformed into a smooth paté and served with one of the most quintessentially Scandinavian foods out there: smoked salmon. These two leading acts work extremely well together, and supported by some oven roasted crisp bread and dill becomes a charming plate of Scandinavian flavors.

Smaklig Måltid!

About the author: Kalle Bergman has a lifelong obsession with simple and honest food. He is a blogger at and as a Swede residing in Denmark he is placed right in the middle of the vibrant Nordic food scene. Under the Seriously Scandinavian banner, he is digging into everything from traditional Scandinavian fare to contemporary food trends from the cold North.

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