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Dinner Tonight: Roasted New Potato Salad with Poblano Mayo

You're probably not looking for a new potato salad recipe at the moment, but I'll try to convince you otherwise. It helps that I have Rick Bayless on my side.

Here's another recipe from his new cookbook, Fiesta at Rick's, which is proving to be an invaluable resource, especially when planning meals for a large gathering. Potato salad, so often sad and boring, is infused with roasted garlic and covered with a spicy poblano mayonnaise.

What's so fascinating about this recipe is how everything is cooked on one baking sheet. The potatoes are tossed in first, but kept on one side. After ten minutes, the green onions are added, and the poblanos and garlic are tossed on the other side. The potatoes come out slightly crunchy on the outside, still fluffy on the inside. But it's the poblano and roasted garlic mayonnaise that steals the show. It's smoky, slightly spicy, and complex. It makes this one of the most dynamic potato salads I've ever devoured.

Of course, man cannot live on potato salad alone, and it's true that this was designed more as a side dish. But Bayless also recommends adding bacon, diced ham, or hot-smoked salmon to help bulk it out into a "party-ready small dish." Bacon worked especially well for me.

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