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Dinner Tonight: Moroccan Spinach and Chickpeas

I had assumed that the mixture of spinach and chickpeas was solely an Indian combination. The creaminess of the spinach is a perfect match for the hearty chickpeas, and with the addition of a few spices, it could turn into a satisfying full meal. Well, it turns that if you change some of those spices and add an interesting new thickener, you can end up in Morocco with a completely new dish. It's kind of astonishing.

I found the recipe on the blog Smitten Kitchen, and while it looks like a regular Indian curry, it has a completely different character. The cumin adds a nice earthiness and the smoked paprika helps perk things up. The real secret here is the bread, which is sautéed until golden brown and then processed into a paste with the vinegar. It helps thicken the meal, and make it more substantial than it would be normally. You can serve this with a little toast if you'd like, but it is fine just by itself.

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