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Morcilla Salad with Beets, Fennel and Walnut-Tequila Vinaigrette

Morcilla sausage. [Flickr: scaredykat]

This recipe is adapted from chef Lucio Palazzo of Xochitl Restaurant in Philadelphia and is on the menu for the restaurant's Day of the Dead celebration. According to Palazzo, morcilla is a spicy pork blood sausage used all across Latin cuisine. "Although one can make it at home with the right equipment, a little expertise, and, of course, access to blood, it is easier to source from a good butcher, or a Mexican carneceria," says Palazzo, who buys morcilla for the restaurant from D'Angelo's Italian market. Palazzo also uses dried chipotle morita chiles, fiery reddish black peppers, who Palazzo says are much spicier than canned chipotles.

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