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Double Chocolate Icebox Cookies with Aji and Chipotle

[Photograph: Andrew M. H. Alexander]

These are intense little cookies. They've got two forms of chocolate, two layers of chile, and a fair amount of salt. The acidic natural cocoa in the dough is highlighted by aji panca, a light and very fruity (almost blueberry-like) chile. There's also some chipotle sneaked in for richness and a smokiness to contrast the cocoa's brighter notes. Even without the chocolate coating, these cookies are awesome. I'm a big believer in having emergency cookie dough in the freezer to pull out when needed, and these serve that function perfectly.

For a coating chocolate, I preferred one lighter on the cocoa solids—mine was 66 percent—to add some sweetness and creaminess to a dark, sweet-and-salty cookie. You can customize these with what chiles and chocolates you'd like, but balancing chocolate intensities and chile flavors is the key.

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