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Dinner Tonight: Tacos de Rajas con Crema

I recently spent a good two weeks eating my way through Oaxaca, Mexico: sampling complex moles, stunning tamales, and more chocolate than is probably right. But the meal I ate the most often was from a simple taqueria that dished out tacos de rajas con crema, or tacos with roasted poblano strips, cream, and a little cheese. They were utterly simple, and yet satisfying in the way that the best mac cheese can be. You know, if you like your mac and cheese with a little heat, which I'm certainly guilty of.

I've been looking valiantly for a proper recipe to replicate that magic, and I think I've found it with this one from The Other Side of the Tortilla. Though the bulk of this dish is built on chiles, the result is not overly spicy. Sure, there is a little heat, but poblanos mostly tend to be in the medium to mild range (green bell peppers are not a worthy substitute). Though you can occasionally run across a more a aggressive batch, much of the kick is balanced by the cream and the cheese, which also help to add a rich and luxurious body. These may be vegetarian tacos, but they're bold and filling.

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