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Dinner Tonight: Chorizo Breakfast Sandwich with Sage Pesto

Whenever I write about breakfast food for Dinner Tonight, ranks of Serious Eaters come out to proclaim their love.

Whether it's a perfect fried egg sandwich or the art of home fries with a poached egg, lovers of breakfast-for-dinner (brinner? B4D?) identify themselves proudly. Kicking around the blog Design Sponge, I landed on this post from a series called "In the kitchen with" where various designers and other creative people share their favorite recipes. The absolutely gorgeous food styling helped, but I was pretty convinced by the slices of cured chorizo seared in the pan, an egg fried in the luscious red-hued pork fat, and a pile of peppery arugula.

What I loved the most, though, was the sage pesto—a twist on the classic formula with woodsy sage instead of basil and walnuts in place of pine nuts. Sage is a far more pungent herb with less water than basil, so the result is exceedingly flavorful and fragrant, and just a drizzle of the stuff adds a ton of flavor (the recipe makes far more than necessary for the sandwich, so the rest can be stirred into a soup or frozen for later). It also goes a long way in cutting through the richness of the egg yolk.

Though I'll always be fond of the simplicity of a fried egg sandwich dressed with nothing but butter, this is a pretty sweet fancy-ed up rendition.

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