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Cook the Book: Chicken Liver Crostini

[Photograph: Caroline Russock]

When Frank Bruni of The New York Times reviewed Franny's in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn, he was dubious to say the least. Sure, there had been a lot of hype surrounding the place, but what was essentially a pizza place worth trekking all the way from Manhattan? As it turns out the answer was a resounding yes, and three years and two stars later Franny's is still packed every night of the week with Brooklynites and Manhattanites alike.

Franny's take on modern Italian begins with a great selection of appetizers including incredibly rich Chicken Liver Crostini. By adding capers, anchovies, rosemary, and sage to the browned livers the pâté takes on an incredible depth of flavor. And while the pâté could happily be spread on slices of rustic bread, at Franny's they up the ante by adding a smear of mayo and a crisp slice of pancetta. It might sound like a little much on paper, but seriously, don't knock it until you try it. The mayo-bacon-liver combo is absurdly delicious in a maybe you shouldn't eat it everyday but once in a while won't kill you kind of way.

As always with our Cook the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of The New Brooklyn Cookbook to give away this week.

Adapted from The New Brooklyn Cookbook by Melissa Vaughan and Brendan Vaughan. Copyright © 2010. Published by William Morrow. Available wherever books are sold. All Rights Reserved.

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