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Dinner Tonight: Carrot Vichyssoise

While researching this recipe, I was pretty surprised to discover that vichyssoise, traditionally a pureed soup made with potatoes and leeks, does not actually come from France. With a name like that, it was hard to believe. In reality, it was likely an American invention by a chef working at the Ritz-Carlton in New York. Granted, he was French and Vichy, France, was not far from his hometown.

But whether vichyssoise is an American or French invention doesn't matter too much. The point is the soup's simplicity: a puree of potato, cream, stock provide the soup's body to showcase whichever vegetable is at hand.

The original recipe featured leeks, which are also found in this version from Whole Living, but the addition of carrot gives it a beautiful color and sweetness. The result is basically carrot essence in soup form. Opting for milk instead of cream, this is a little lighter than some recipes, which was welcome because the potato is plenty starchy. The soup can also be chilled and served cold, but it's equally delicious straight from the pot.

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