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Dinner Tonight: Yam Neua (Grilled Beef Salad)

I've been taking something of a Thai break. I exhausted the overly sweet noodle dishes a few years ago and figured it just wasn't my thing. But I've found my way back in through Thai salads. The mix of extreme spice, acid, fat, and sour is completely addicting, especially during the warm summer months. I've been looking for a good Thai beef salad, and was intrigued by this one from NPR.

Though my favorite versions of the dish are always made with beef grilled over charcoal, this one is about as close as I can get while staying indoors. The only issue I have is the recommended amount of black pepper. At first, the spice is intense but pleasurable. But slowly the pepper starts to wear on you. And if you let this one sit for a while, it only intensifies. After 30 minutes it becomes unpalatable. I halved the amount of black pepper here, which should solve all the problems and leave you with a clean, intense dish.

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