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Time for a Drink: the Breakfast Martini

[Photograph: Drunken Monkey on Flickr]

On Wednesday I wrote about marmalade mixology and the rich, alluring flavor this breakfast-table staple can bring to cocktails. Here's perhaps the best example of this type of cocktail: the Breakfast Martini.

Developed by London bartender Salvatore Calabrese, the Breakfast Martini takes a basic gin sour and amps up the citrus component in three ways. First, Calabrese incorporates a crisp backbone of orange flavor with Cointreau; second, he adds richness and a bitter edge with a dollop of orange marmalade; and third, he finishes the drink with a spray of oil from a swath of fresh orange zest.

Gentle and flavorful, the Breakfast Martini is enjoyable at any time, but it's especially well-suited as a brunch cocktail. And while the use of "martini" in the name is all kinds of verboten among cocktail purists, this is such a tasty drink that we won't get hung up on semantics.

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