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Dinner Tonight: Sliced Steak with Roasted Corn Salsa

This recipe from Gourmet is the kind that really only works in summer. When the winter hits and frozen corn and canned tomatoes are your only option, please stay away. But with the harvest pulling in, and ears of corn stacking up at the market, this is a perfect way to celebrate the season. The steak is just there to help bulk things out. The salsa is the best part.

But don't forget the lime. I was nearly halfway through the meal when I noticed it was missing something acidic to pull the dish together. Then I glanced again and saw that limes are casually mentioned at the end. Don't skip them.

The recipe also advises warming the corn salsa before serving it with the steak. It certainly is flavorful, but I found the salsa to work best once it had come to room temperature. Then you can taste the many different spices. It also acts as a better contrast to the warm steak.

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