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Dinner Tonight: Warm Fig, Mozzarella, and Prosciutto Sandwich

I'm just slowly moving past my BLT binge, which consumed nearly all of my sandwich-making capabilities for the whole summer. Luckily, I ran into some figs at the produce shop, and before I knew it I was at the Chocolate and Zucchini site, gawking at this warm sandwich. How could I not go for this? It seemed soothing and a perfect dish for the slight cool in the air.

When I imagined this recipe, for some reason, I thought prosciutto was part of the plan—which it wasn't—and went so far as to buy some at the store. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking. I decided to add it anyway, and it turned out to be a fortunate mistake. The salty bite bulked out the sandwich, making for a more filling meal. The last secret is to bake the whole sandwich in the oven until the bread warms and the cheese starts to melt just slightly.

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