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Dinner Tonight: Hummus with Ground Lamb and Almonds

[Photographs: Nick Kindelsperger]

I always knew that homemade hummus was a relatively painless dish to whip up, but I never actually took the time to make it until I found this recipe from Samuel Clark's Moro. It really couldn't be easier. Compared to store-bought, the flavor is cleaner and more vibrant, less dull and chalky. It's a perfect match for lamb, which in this recipe is mixed with cinnamon, almonds, and a final sprinkling of smoked paprika. Each bite is tangy, rich, and gorgeously perfumed thanks to the spices. I devoured my whole plate in minutes.

And about those almonds: Either the employee at my local grocery store is a total liar or there's a pine nut shortage going on this summer. I've avoided making pesto this season for some reason, so the lack of pine nuts only bothered me when I set out to make this recipe. If you have a secret pine nut stash in your kitchen feel free to re-institute them for the almonds that I substituted here. But if not, the almonds also work beautifully.

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