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Dinner Tonight: Crisp Chipotle Shrimp with Corn and Scallions

Sometimes when I read recipes in Bon Appétit magazine, I have no idea how they came up with them. I can understand the context of a dish with a name I recognize, or at least a series of flavors that make sense for a particular cuisine. But then there are recipes like this one, which is a little bit Mexican (the chipotle), a little bit French (the gratin-style cooking), and little bit Japanese (the panko-coated shrimp).

But if it's tasty—which this is—I'm not one to complain. I'd recommend that you use fresh corn. Half of the corn is puréed as a base and then tossed with scallions, a little mayonnaise, and adobo sauce from a can of chipotle peppers. Piled atop this creamy base are the shrimp, which get a bath in the chipotle mayo before picking up the breadcrumbs. They are surprisingly tender and crisp considering the fact that there's no deep fryer in sight. Next time, though, I will cook the shrimp separately instead of directly on top of the corn; the instructions below are revised to reflect this.

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