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Aloo Gobi Kati Roll

[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

Kati rolls are one of my favorite forms of street food. They're like burritos, but are often much better. For starters, wan flour tortillas are replaced by thick, buttery parathas, a superb South Asian flatbread. The meaty stuffings are comparable to well-made burrito fodder, but if you're looking for a meat-free wrap, parathas win hands-down. Rice and beans don't hold a candle to potatoes and other common Indian vegetables, which come well-spiced and cradled in thick sauces.

While the code of street food can be a difficult one to crack, there's no reason not to try making some in the comfort of your own home. Anardana gives the soft potato and cauliflower filling some crunch as well as a sweet-tart tang that really rounds out this spice blend.

Note: Asafoetida and anardana can be found in Indian specialty grocers, or in the spice section of a well-stocked supermarket. The dish can still be made without them.

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