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Dinner Tonight: Tlacoyo Masa Pockets

If you've ever made your own tortillas, you know how easy it is to work with masa, the meal made from ground, dried corn treated with lime. You can find it in any Mexican market, and some grocery stores (Maseca brand, which is also the name of the dried form, is a standard brand). With simply water and a pinch of salt, you have the makings of the freshest tortilla you've ever tasted.

That's not all masa is good for, though. You can also leave it a little thicker and use it as a dough for Tlacoyos, a Mexican cornmeal dough pocket similar to Salvadorian pupusas. (Doesn't every culture in the world have some kind of edible pocket stuffed with filling? Calzones? Pork buns?)

Working with masa is quick, and so is the filling: a can of beans mashed up with sauteed onion and garlic, and Oaxaca cheese, which is basically a Mexican version of string cheese. Monterey Jack also makes a fine substitute.

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