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Sunday Brunch: Tomato-Basil Marmalade

[Photograph: Robin Bellinger]

I made this tomato-basil marmalade from Ad Hoc at Home to serve alongside a roast for a special dinner, but once it was in my refrigerator it kept finding its way into other meals. It is especially delicious with a soft, not-too-crumbly goat cheese, either on a piece of bread or atop a salad. Put it out at brunch time for guests to experiment with on toast, cheese, salad, or even sausage and other meats.

Here it is pictured alongside French toast. What you can't see is that the bread was slit and stuffed with a couple of spoonfuls of the marmalade before it was battered and fried. It was not bad, but this application didn't really allow the marmalade to shine as I expected it to. Next time I'll keep it simple, maybe whisking a spoonful of the acid-sweet tomatoes into olive oil and tossing that with tender lettuce—heaven.

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