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Maple Black Pepper Pork Chops

I am addicted to this dish. Usually I have to cook so many new dishes a week, I don't have time to revisit the really impressive ones. But I've made an exception for this one. I understand on paper it doesn't sound like it should work. The recipe from Eggs On Sunday uses a lot of maple syrup, Too sticky sweet? Nope, everything is balanced by the cider vinegar and black peppercorns, which transform into this rich, meaty glaze that miraculously makes each bite taste like the best rib eye you can imagine.

Of course, your success rate here depends completely on two elements. First, you need a fine, high-quality maple syrup. Second, you need to dish out for some real pork chops. Don't bother with those thin ones with no fat. I mean, you can, but it'll taste a lot better if you spring for some high quality, thick-cut pork with some real marbling.

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