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Healthy & Delicious: Jicama and Watermelon Salad

Editor's note: On Mondays, Kristen Swensson of Cheap, Healthy, Good swings by these parts to share healthy and delicious recipes with us. Take it away, Kristen!

[Photograph: Kristen Swensson]

It's rare you can use the word "refreshing" to describe a non-beverage recipe, but man, does Jicama and Watermelon Salad ever fit the bill. A juicy, citrusy, virtually fat-free Bobby Flay recipe, it could replace ice water as your go-to revitalizer on warm summer days.

The dish's two main ingredients are watermelon and jicama, the latter of which may be unfamiliar to many. Shaped like a large, flatter onion, the jicama has a rough, potato-like skin and sweet, crunchy flesh, texturally similar to that of a radish. Nutritionally speaking, it's a solid source of fiber and Vitamin C, and very low in calories.

I've only eaten jicamas raw, as crudité or as part of a salad, but the internet assures me they can be cooked, as well. Here, it provides a crisp counterpoint to the watermelon, which eventually becomes a tad squishy in the juices.

One word of caution: For this particular recipe, the jicama has to be julienned, meaning the time it takes to prepare depends entirely on your knife skills. I'm fairly handy with a chef's blade, and it was still a pretty solid 15 minutes to slice up the whole thing.

Beyond that, jicama and watermelon salad is summer in a bowl. Eat up.

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