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Grilling: Beef Pinwheels

[Photographs: Joshua Bousel]

With my complete fascination for grilling stuffed and rolled meats, it should come as no surprise that this Mario Batali recipe for beef pinwheels had me from the get-go. You didn't have to sell me on the uniquely Italian and incredibly delicious stuffing, as soon as I saw that photo of rolled beef on the grill, it was my destiny.

Calling for a whole ten inches of tenderloin, the original recipe was a little too rich for my blood, so I opted for the more cost-effective option, flank steak. Nice and beefy, flank is seemingly designed for being butterflied, stuffed, and rolled, but an extra area of caution is needed to make sure the final rolls are sliced against the grain, otherwise the chew on the steak threatens to bring the whole dish into the realm of the inedible.

As far as stuffed meats go, this is currently up there as a top favorite. The two cheeses, salami, and scallions in the stuffing created a very flavorful roll—it was a combination that I probably would never think of, making each bite a tasty surprise.

Adapted from Italian Grill by Mario Batali.

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