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Eat for Eight Bucks: Green Pockets

[Photograph: Robin Bellinger]

The summer my struggling, waterlogged CSA delivered endless quantities of greens (and little else). I've lost five pounds without even trying; that's what happens when all your meals come together around bok choy or kale. Now I bring home bunches and bunches from the farmers' market every week, but in the interim I have learned a lot of tricks involving bacon, cheese, and dough that prevent the greens from working their belly-melting magic.

These little pockets, for instance, match those healthy mixed greens with a light yeasted bread. (Hey, it's better than stuffing them into a buttery pastry, right?) We ate them at room temperature with the chard stems, chopped and sauteed in a little olive oil, and some hard-boiled eggs; but I think I would have preferred them with scrambled eggs or a pureed vegetable soup--something a little creamy. This makes too much for two people, but you may wrap extras well and freeze them for later. The greens are delicious cooked this way with or without a wrapper. If you don't feel like kneading dough and waiting for it to rise, you could certainly pile the greens on toast or bread to eat with eggs or soup.

About the author: Robin Bellinger is a freelance editor and shameless cookie addict. She lives in San Francisco and blogs about what she feeds her husband and her daughter at home*economics.

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